Large parts of Switzerland, also in the Jura, are karst areas.

Karst is the name of an area around Trieste. It is a generic term representing all related limestone landscapes with underground drainage. Water is always an important factor in karst. It penetrates, loosens and dissolves the hard stone through long exposure. It forms razor-sharp stone blades or funnel-shaped depressions on the surface. Gradually, complex cave systems are formed. The water flows into them, always looking for new ways to finally get into rivers or groundwater.


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The karst nature trail is an easy hike along signposted paths and is about 8 km long.
The pure walking time is about 2 to 3 hours. Since contact with possibly wet and muddy surfaces might occur, sturdy shoes and clothing that can get dirty are recomended so one can light-heartedly enjoy this fascinating world.

Take care of nature and wildlife! Don't leave any trash,
graffiti or carvings.